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On the Cover: Pin-Up Girl Angela Ryan Kara Walker Art Critique by Solange James Mod Style: Ready, Steady, Go! Photography: Nicholas Routzen

Interview with Justin Hyte, by Andrea Grant

Interview With Justin Hyte

Multimedia Gallery
Justin Hyte Multimedia Photography Gallery
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Tell us about your artistic aesthetic. What inspires you, what formed your outlook?
This is a hard question because my interests are always changing.  The one thing that stays cohesive in terms of subject matter is the danger, the rush and the feeling within the imagery.  One day I may be looking for the coolest most evil mousetrap, the next trying to find an amazing block of graffiti.  The deviance of society drives me in the work.  I also love the cover-up!  I love to saturate my images with hyper color and beauty because it manipulates the deviance into an excitable unique package for us as a society to swallow.  I am the Goliath Birdwing!!!

Tell us how others describe your work versus how you see it? Do people understand it or do you constantly have to explain?
Well I am pretty straightforward; I often make witty spins on the message but most of the time I am not holding back.  This makes the work easily readable so I feel others relate to it better. Most of the time people get it.

Give us an example of obstacles you have overcome or are currently struggling with.
Getting your name and rep out there is always the hardest thing and something I constantly do as an artist.  I know the one thing that I can say to other artist in the field is don't be afraid of what other people might think of your work.  Just do it and put it out there as far as you can.

Music Video: Semi Precious Weapons - "Semi Precious Weapons"
Video Semi Precious Weapons »

Interview with Justin Hyte, by Andrea GrantQ:. Tell me about the process of making a video - what was that like?
There was a lot that went into making the video, we pre-planned as much as we could and sailed right through it. I had a blast, it’s not even like work, you know, because it is so fun and you want to do a good job. I was up for two days and it felt like 15 minutes and I wished it would never end.

Q:. What was the original concept and did it go according to plan?
We drew out the storyboard totally old school style, right down to the seconds so the edits were pretty tight for both videos. There was a “Clean” version that we made for MTV and a “Dirty” Version we made for the DVD/Web. Pretty much the difference between the two is that one is topless and the other isn’t. We would shoot a cut then re-shoot it topless. I can’t express the looks on everyone’s faces after the first cut when I yelled, “OK LADIES! POP THE TOPS!”

Q:. Tell me about the band 'Semi-Precious Weapons'. Do you like the music?
They Rock and I touch myself to their music! ;)

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