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On the Cover: Pin-Up Girl Angela Ryan Mod Style: Ready, Steady, Go! Photography: Nicholas Routzen

Interview With Renee Rogoff by Andrea Grant

Interview With Renee Rogoff

Q:  Tell us about your artistic aesthetic.
  It is difficult to define my artistic aesthetic as my medium and my art are both constantly changing. Currently I make small diorama sceneries and 3D pop art made with 99% junk and recyclable materials. It’s inspired by my love for mixing mediums and environmentalism. 

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Renee Rogoff Multimedia Art Gallery
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Q:  Tell us how others describe your work versus how you see it?
Do they get it?
I am always interested in what people have to say about what I put on the proverbial table. I am a staunch believer in never explaining or defining one's art. I come from the world of filmmakers and I know it is a moot point, if not impossible, to define and interpret every little visual decision to every single person who has seen your film. The same goes for art. Explaining one's art in my opinion ruins the experience for the one viewing. I like making pieces that people can define or interpret for themselves. For this reason I rarely title my art. I name pieces after people. This way it becomes personal to that person as opposed to a general opinion. Artwork born from general opinion ends up in elevators and bathrooms. I have nothing against either, I have had many epiphanies in both. But I'd like to think my art has graduated from bathroom focal-point to at least the space on your bookshelf you don't have enough reading material to cover.

Artist Renee RogoffQ:  Tell us about one story/example of obstacles you have overcome or are currently struggling with.
  People throw around the term "starving-artist" as often as Born-again Christians drop Jesus' name at church. The people who say this are civilians. Only the emaciated artists have to make the choice between buying food or buying linseed oil. I am one of those. Art first, play later.

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