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3 Ways To Record a Wurlitzer, by Latif Tayour

3 Ways To Record a Wurlitzer

The Wurlitzer Electric Piano (Wurly) is a classic piece used on many records today and yesterday,  If you're lucky enough to have one at your disposal here are 3 different recording techniques you can try.

Direct Input (DI)
On the back of the Wurly is a 1/4" output jack.  Simply run the output into a Instrument Pre Amp or -10 dB line input and you're ready to go.  Simple, but effective.

3 Ways To Record a Wurlitzer, by Latif TayourGuitar Amp
Take a 1/ 4" Cable from the back of the Wurly and run it to a Guitar Amp the same way you would with an Electric Guitar.  This creates a fantastic distorted sound, much meaner than the DI output.  Try a Fender Twin Guitar Amp with a Shure SM-57 microphone.

Mini Speaker
The Wurly has small speakers so you can hear yourself play in the room.  I came across this technique when we were recording Alice Smith's debut "For Lovers Dreamers And Me".  The Wurlitzer we were using had a serious buzz and so we mic'd the mini speaker.  Its sounded very cool and lo-fi so we went with it.

3 Ways To Record a Wurlitzer, by Latif TayourAfter you've mastered the basic techniques its time to create your own Wurly sound.  Adding guitar stomp boxes to the signal chain is a great place to start.  With a little creativity the once soft and simple Wurly sound can create limitless possibilities.

An audio clip of the 3 recording techniques is available on my myspace page:  www.myspace.com/latifmix

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Latif has been mixing, engineering and producing records for the last 9 years. His website is http://www.latifmix.com

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