[Diana Yee]
Diana Yee

Q: Tell us about your artistic aesthetic.

A: I never truly thought about it or maybe I have and don't realize it. I always change my direction of purpose from one thing to another. Not to get poetic here, I think these directions taken are some gradual metamorphosis in developing myself as some "artist".

Most of my current work often portrays the ambiance of youth culture to the interaction between two individuals (you can say "couples") with a hint or irony, surrealism (not speaking of style) or some kind of unusual emotion, like an empty nostalgic feeling. As much as I don't like feeling that way I find there's this beauty I'm fascinated with since I was very young. It's that feeling you get out of looking at the blue-grey skies over in London.

Not that I have even been there.

Q: Tell us how others describe your work versus how you see it?

A: Often times a lot of people interpret my work in their own perspective and often times it's always an interesting story to hear, still keeping to the piece's integrity. Not everyone will get the real idea of my work unless I explain. I would rather not.

Q: Give us an example of an obstacle you have recently struggled with or overcome.

A: I am often known as a bad critic (worse than you may think) toward my own work. I can vent off. I'm not easily pleased with what I do. I'm going to avoid beating myself up here!

Obstacles. There will always be obstacles no matter which direction I take. I often struggle with themes. I tell myself to not be redundant about a particular matter. This is where I paint fairies. Haha. No. I don't. I just open my mind to something else. I would return hoping to have a new story tell in a new way.

I always refer back to my big classical influences, and studies, (ie - J.W.Waterhouse, William Bouguereau, Peirre-Paul Prud'hon, John Singer Sargent) to refresh my thoughts and techniques. I'm always learning. I'm never settled with what I already know. There's so much more to learn in both art and life.


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