George Orwell once said that writing a novel is a long, horrible, exhausting struggle.

This is true of producing anything that contains words. Words that must be read aloud to measure resonance, checked umpteenth times for errors in spelling or possible deviations in font. It is true of selecting the right images to go along with the words.

We produce Copious so that artists and writers will have an attractive venue in which to showcase. We produce from a place of truth, so that other creatives might forget their weariness and be inspired by accounts of overcoming obstacles.

When stepping into the Copious world, the content is interwoven to create a deliberate environment, sometimes with allegorical humor. For example, 'What kind of music might Viva Van Story listen to while shooting her pin-up girls? Would The Organ use shopping bags made from cloth rather than plastic? Would Justin Hampton be inspired by the pin-up imagery when creating his rock concert posters?' On and on it goes, a dreamy riddle.

This issue is one of the strongest, fueled by high quality work and a growing production team that somehow finds the energy to keep on doing this (thank you CP).

We hope that our readers will be touched by the results.

Andrea Grant
November 2005

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