[Justin Hampton]
Justin Hampton

Q. Tell us about your artistic aesthetic.

A: Creativity is something that burns within me. I don't have a choice
to do art or not, I simply can't live without it. It's like my heart
beating in my chest, if it stops I cease to exist. I've actually had
many a girlfriend along the way jealous of what I do and try to make an
ultimatum between my work or them. Of course those relationships
didn't work but my creativity is still with me today.

Q. Tell us how others describe your work versus how you see it? Do they
get it?

A: I've had my worked described as everything from cartoony to edgy,
sublime or progressive. It's a cliché but art is really, truly
objective. Everyone brings their entire life experience in the way
they see the world to the table to make observations. In a moments
glance they have their minds made up with whether it moves them or
not. Some people will get what you're trying to achieve and a great
number won't have a clue, it's just human nature. It is gratifying,
however, when you discover that your work has moved someone in some

Q. Tell us about one story/example of obstacles you have overcome or
are currently struggling with.

A: The biggest obstacle that I've had to overcome is the lack of funding.
It's the age old saying of "it takes money to make money". It's too
true. I've put in over a decade's work in my profession to get where I
am today. Starting from humble beginnings makes for a slow climb up
but the cool thing is that I've honed my craft to a level that I'm
really happy with. To be honest, it wouldn't have been as sweet if
success had come sooner. The last few years have been great.

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