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neonsandwich is a digital artist residing in Montreal, Canada. He is currently in production developing an art form entitled "Pop-Taoism." It's based on Taoism, Esoteric DAda, and the Modern Life a-Go-Go. He spent 8 years studying with a recognized Taoist Master originally from Beijing, and is a lifetime student of Wu Dang Gate. Pop Taoism begins with the Neolotus series, which depicts various icons set in traditional meditations (Fidel Castro, Gregori Rasputin, Lucifer, et al.) There will be at least three complete series based on Pop-Taoism. neonsandwich is also known for his quick slogans that are witty, sometimes sardonic, and little like cheese marketing. That would be the "b(ads)" series (e.g. Powdered Water.) On a certain level neonsandwich believes in simplicity of form, yet he also chooses the combining of ideas or conventions that give rise to complexity, humor, shallowness and depth. Yin and Yang twists and turns with a pint of Pop.

1: Tell us about your artistic aesthetic?

My aesthetic? To live my life, and as a result of this living, then to create work that is spontaneous in creation, thought, and graphic layout. I try to work fast and precise, for I believe the faster the progress of the piece the more honest its shape will be.

Q: Tell us how others describe your work versus how you see it? Do they get it?

Oh yes, people very much get my work. Very quickly too! I wish I had a stopwatch every time people see my stuff. I would like to break the art appreciation sound barrier.

Q: Give an example of an obstacle you have overcome.

I think the greatest struggle that I have ever grappled with was my decision in my early twenties to not be an artist. I saw a lot of post-modern shite out there where you needed the Rosetta Stone to unlock what the artist was saying with a piece. It bored the hell out of me, and since Pollock's Abstract Expressionism, it had all just become rather snobbish. I truly thought this type of artwork was for the alcoholic dinosaur. A lot of Modern Art didn't belong in the focus anymore it was becoming stale and merely a curiosity. I still think that.

It hurt like hell to not do ANY art for several years. I was lost. It was a very insane time in my life. You'll have to read a little of "The Hero with a Thousand Faces," to have an idea as to the reason for my self-imposed exile from artistic creation. Stubborn as hell, I lead myself by instinct and got through to the other side. My studies in Taoism and the assertion that everyone should have art available to them brought me to a nice milestone in my life. This new wave of art adheres best onto the t-shirt, but my designs want to go everywhere! Why confine your work to the four walls of a gallery?

I really wanted to create a series which worked with opposites, had strange divine graphic design, , and also carried a kind of what-if feel. This led me to create Pop-Taoism, and the Neolotus Series. Now, that's satisfaction.

Neonsandwich's advice for the kids? Listen to more Nina Hagen, and drink lots of goat's milk, straight from the goat if you can.

P.S. I now firmly believe my Mom met John Lennon on the beach (and Eric Clapton, whom she later saw fall down a flight of stairs.)



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