Following your bliss can be painful but there is no other option for the artist. We are interested in redemption. We like to take risks.

We are seeking high quality art, photography, poetry, and articles about music and film. We focus on the multidimensionality of the artistic nature, and like to show the real person behind the art. Let us know if you work in more than one medium…tell us your secrets.

The first step to publication in COPIOUS is by email. Please send your PROFESSIONAL bio and credits to: Include written samples in the body of the email. If your work is visual, send a link to your artist’s web site. No attachments will be accepted.

If your work is selected for publication, COPIOUS will ask you to talk about 3 things (under 250 words please):

1. Your artistic aesthetic – not how your agent wants to market you, but your true philosophy. Talk about the burning rapture of the muse. Make it personal. Maybe something dramatic happened to set you on this path. We won’t be shocked. Try to sum it up in 3 sentences.

2. Tell us how others describe your work versus how you see it? Do they get it?

3. We would like one story/example of obstacles you have overcome or are currently struggling with. You can be critical, you can vent. Show your humanity. Tell us what we want to know. Tell us the truth.


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