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Viva Van Story

Q: Tell us about your artistic aesthetic.

I think for me it's about capturing old Hollywood glamour. I love using models or performers that not only are completely sexy but also hold some innocence in their glance or pose. I want my girls to have those voluptuous curves and those expressions that can get under a man's skin and alluring enough to look at them everyday. Isn't it why they have stayed in our hearts for so many years? I'd like to keep them going with my own little twist and swing.

Q: Tell us how others describe your work versus how you see it.

Most of the comments I get from my fans are classy, empowering, intriguing, vibrant, versatile, and refreshing. I think my fans are looking for the same kind of image as I am. Yes, I sometimes fall into the Goth/fetish styles. I work with all types of women. I can style just about anyone into pin-up. I've been doing most of the vintage hairstyles myself since moving in this direction. Also some of my images have a darker vibe about them and that's just my Floria Sigismondi influence shining through. I love a pretty gal in a strange dark place for some eerie reason. For this reason, I think I'm invited to lots of events I'm really not interested in being apart of. I'd like to keep my work where the greasers and pin-ups will be able to view them. It's where my work belongs.

Q: Give an example of an obstacle you have recently struggled with or overcome.

I think finding my true calling was the hardest part. I tried a bunch of different styles but I knew it was right as soon as I began pin-up just two years ago. It's in my heart and I feel completely at home with it. I hope to make my mark in this world with my work or at least shake a few tails.

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